Puff! What a day!

After dropping off the little man I came back to work from home only to find my work computer unresponsive. Great… After 30 minutes I could connect, but the display wasn’t great – a known issue. To solve the problem you have to restart your machines (local and remote…). Only… When I restarted I couldn’t access my work information at all… 

All other websites are fine so it wasn’t a problem my end. 40 minutes later and I could connect again! Yay. Display wasn’t great again! Reboot both machines again.

Eventually I got it working and actually managed to do something.

This afternoon I had physiotherapy again. Turned up on time only to find out that I had the time wrong. Damn. 30 minutes early. Thankfully they have a good internet connection there, and so I spent the time learning Angular and Typescript on my tablet. Which was very hard work – the website is designed for computers and typing computer language with auto correct trying to ‘help’ is a nightmare 🙂

Pick up bits for the motorbike on the way home, and then finish some last minute things for the office…

Making a late finush, late dinner and only stopping now…

Tomorrow I’m in the office for a rest ;p


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