Missing you

No composed picture today, just the oil draining from my engine during the bike’s spring maintenance.
After nearly a year of not riding due to pain in my hand, losing the keys for months and the operation it was time to get it back on the road.

A new clutch cable makes it much nicer to ride, I should have done it years ago! I’m actually annoyed at the shop that sold me the bike. I picked up on it during the test run, but they assured me it was heavy because it’s a sports bike. No, it isn’t. It’s light and full of feel. grrrrr.

New brakes on the front as the old ones were worn and new oil and filter.

And i can do all of this because my late father made me do my own maintenance on my car as a teenager.

Thanks dad, you taught me well (when doing the brakes i had your voice in my ear ensuring that I copperslipped everything that needed it whilst not contaminating the pads!) and still I can’t believe you are not around to share today’s highs and lows… 


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