Ok, this isn’t a picture ofthe sploosh, but taken whilst I was getting some heat back into me.

The weather has continued to be amazing after yesterday’s​ way too high temperature.

After starting the morning in pain, assuming that I wasn’t going to run with a dodgy ankle (no idea, just started to hurt a lot, but no swelling) it disappeared suddenly, just in time for me to run in way too many degrees. After 7km I had to walk for a couple of minutes. Sun on my back and no breeze made me feel not great!

Once my temp and heart rate had dropped again I finished my interval training and collapsed on the garden furniture!

After food the little man wanted to go into the paddling pool and he wanted me in there with him. How he kept warm I don’t know, by the time we went in it had cooled down and outside ofthe sun I was freezing in the water!

I had to get out for a bit and recharge in the sun (little man as well, he didn’t want to get out but he was starting to shiver) and whilst warming up I took this of the first clouds starting to come across!

After 4 days off, and a lot of fun, it’s back to the office tomorrow. For a rest!


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