Coffee to go

After the chocolate from last week: coffee to go!

Crazy busy this week! Although we have a week free from work, we do not have a vacation! Deep clean of the house from top to bottom and time to be unemotional about what we throw away. Well, to a point anyway; we are not ready to throw away the little guy’s early thing yet 🙂

Today was full from the word go! Up later than normal, but still early by most people’s standards…

Struggle to get out of bed as I thought I had time (I didn’t) before rushing breakfast, checking the traffic to my dentist and then panicking about the jams on the motorway. Rushing into leathers and arriving only 15 minutes late. Oops. Still, checkup was good, no fillings! Yay!

The rest of the day was emptying the shed and tidying up (and getting the first load ready for the tip!). Tomorrow we start on the house. Beginning with the attic and working our way down the building over the week.

I have an idea there may be more saved shots to come!


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