Fish and chips

I don’t think that I have used this image before πŸ™‚

After the nothing of yesterday a busy(ish) day today.

Shopping this morning, and this afternoon / evening a party to celebrate a friend starting his own consultancy business. Great to catch up and I really hope it works out for him. That people have the nerve to do that has always amazed and impressed me. Personally, I feel the need for the fake security btgstva permanent job gives. I know that it’s probably as secure as starting out on your own (in IT anyway) but the facade of permanence gives some comfort…

What I would miss though, and why I don’t work for a consultancy company at the moment (I have in the past and would not rule it out for the future), is the amazing band that you can build with close colleagues that you see everyday. Giving that up, especially my current team, would be very difficult!

The picture? When meeting up with old colleagues we sometimes visit this pub, which has the best fish and chips outside of the UK (that I have tasted anyway) πŸ˜€


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