From yesterday morning. A great conference, lots of inspiration and now a bit of relaxing and a lot of studying!



This morning our little man was awake early (it’s fine, we were also working early). Looking out of his window we got a fantastic sky to look at.

Almost makes the early start worth it!

Out of the door

Just enough to see the doctor…

It’s a virus, no medication, but have to wait out the long recovery time before all of the effects are gone… Still could be worse.

Tomorrow I want to try to make it back to the office, and go to a technical meet up in the evening. Fingers crossed!


I was working it out earlier today, it has been a week now since I left the house, and whilst the cold is on the decline, the cough that has replaced it is possibly worse…

I hope it passes soon!

Here is a shot of a colleague getting a shot of the party last weekend. Seems longer than a week!


Still stuck in home with the lurgy, I’ve gained a temperature now to add to the running nose, aches and painful tonsils…

So, today I’ve got a crop of a shot I was playing with yesterday, a tray catching the drops of water from the cooling elements.

Trying to catch a water drop with a phone is not easy! But a few kind of worked, and with a bit of cleanup it’s somewhat close to what I imagined 🙂