We’ve had beautful sun all morning, so of course when we had our 30 minute lunch a huge cloud appeared over our courtyard!

On the bright side it’s more interesting to take a picture of than a clear sky 😀

Mislukte run

This morning I went for my weekend run, with an aim of doing a personal best 10km.

But it didn’t happen. After 5.5km I had to stop. Not enough liquids before I started, and not cool enough (it’s been really warm here, when in the sun at least…)

On the bright side, there were some beautiful shots to get whilst walking home! Ones that wouldn’t have happened if I’d still been running!

Here comes the rain again…

It’s wonderful weather here at the moment! I was just about to unpack the cushions in the garden to enjoy it when I thought the clouds looked dark and that I should check the forecast.

Oh dear, within the hour lots of water, guess I’ll just sit on the grass for a while!

Extreme weather

It’s August and we have servere autumnal weather here in Noord Holland. Torrential rain, which hits too hard and so drains too quickly, and winds strong enough to tip branches off of trees.

They have not made chores around the house any easier today!

But the silver lining, see what I did there, is the amazing skies that we get. Like this one that I just spotted. The setting sun beaming through a break in the clouds looking like a searchlight looking under the cloud… I’m just glad I had a chance to grab my phone before it changed!