Golden hour

I was on and off for running the whole day today. The cold is sticking and my breathing hasn’t been totally trouble free, nothing serious, but a little laboured… 

The heat, humidity and cold are all egging each other on to make it as hard as possible.

But, I decided to do it, and am pleased I did. Due to extreme heat we had a changed routine today. Only 5km running and lots of strength training in between.

And finishing in the golden hour!

A tale of two houses

After a busy morning fighting code, and getting abad new call baout my car (my brand new, never left the shop engine has gone boom this morning, I just hope the shop honour their guarantee…), I needed a walk. Walking around the neighborhood and I came across these two houses. 

They are exactly the same, believe it or not, it’s just that one has has a full restoration and been decorated on the outside, the other is busy with the same.

Personally, I think that I prefer the non rendered look, but maybe the rendering is cheaper than renovating the old and dirty brickwork…


The chalet that we had for the weekend away 🙂

Actually, it wasn’t spooky at all, but I gotthis shot whilst we were drinking and chatting in Saturday evening. Wonderful time!

Down that road again

Two weeks ago I posted a picture of the bike stranded at the side of this road. Whilst waiting for the truck I took a couple of other pictures to pass the time. If you look carefully you can just see the mirror in this picture.

Today I went to pick it up! A new battery and a new mass air flow sensor (well a second hand one) and a new battery (seriously, how much!) and I’m back on the road! It took their mechanics half a day to find the fault and fix so I’m glad I didn’t do it 🙂

I picked it up and took it for a quick blast. Slow twisty roads, fast motorways and  very slow neighbourhood roads to get home. I loved almost every second of it. Almost.

At the worst possible time, 4th lane of a 130 kmph / 85mph motorway I noticed some fluff in my helmet. I was about bro open my visor to try and get rid of it when I saw that the fluff was black and yellow. You can imagine the language that went through my head (though not out of my mouth, I wasn’t going to risk that!)

Hazards on, head down so it doesn’t fall on me and get to the hard shoulder ASAP!

Thankfully it was dazed and so when I opened the helmet it just dropped into the grass verge and didn’t fly into my face!

Gathering storm

Another scorching day, in fact I read that it’s one of the hottest on record, which is less good.

But we have stroma coming overnight, and I wonder if these clouds that have appeared on the horizon are the start? We’ll find out tomorrow…