We had our company weekend away this weekend, hence the extra short post yesterday…

It was in the middle of nowhere, and away from a lot of light pollution, not perfect, but way better than anything we have close to home.

After sunset we looked up and, once our eyes got accustomed to the darkness, our galaxy slowly came into view.

This is something that I have wanted to see my whole life, and something that I didn’t even know was visible in Nederland!

Seeing it was magical, and being able to capture it with, and with a mobile phone of all things, is a dream come true!

(Yes, the dark lights across the corner are a shame, but it was that dark that I didn’t even know they were there until I saw the finished picture 😊 – and even then it was a struggle to find them!)



Laying with contrast today… Working from home as I have a hospital appointment (where I’m writing this from…), and whilst the sun was rising I saw our cat statue in start relief.

A time to play with the manual settings on the phone camera!

This was taken at a very low ISO, and a very fast shutter speed. Believe it or not the background is an off white wall!

I love the way the cat seems to be staring from out of the shadows as a result 🙂

Night running

Or cycling, after all this is Holland 🙂

I’m so impressed at the people who cycle a few miles, then run 5 to 7 miles, and then cycle home.

I don’t… 🙂 Due to time issues (always a good excuse!) I drive ;p


This morning I went for a chat with one of our team leads. Rather than sit in a stuffy meeting room we prefer to walk around the neighborhood and take some fresh air.

Today’s walk took us over a new bridge connecting two platforms of a train station, and two sides of a town in fact…

A couple of years ago the old open bridge was replaced with something more interesting, which makes for great pictures!