After two weeks not training with my group due to illness I was back again today. In 33 degree heat! And high humidity!

So, lots of short runs (4 x 750m), exercises in between and 2 x 2km there and back (with 1km of 15s walk, 15s sprint) and lots of water after each section.

And, wow, the nights are already drawing in! This was taken about 1km from the end during a walking break when the person who was running next to me commented that it’s time to get our running lights again! Seems only a couple of weeks ago that we stopped using them!


“Stacy, what are you doing on the floor?”

Or, in orther words, “Hello”🙂

Yes, the top line is how I was greated by a colleague this morning. Were we the only two in the building and I had decided to try and get a picture of the vaulted ceiling in the entrance hall.

Ok, I was in a summer swing dress, on my hunches, trying not to rip my petticoat with my heels, hovering over the phone whilst setting the timer and trying to get it places just right on the floor – without scratching the screen on the flag stones.

I’m not 100% about the result, it’s not as dynamic as I was hoping – but it’s a learning experience🙂

Busy sunday

A very busy day today. Early (for us) this morning my sister in law came with her family and along with her and my niece I went to an outlet sale for swing dresses. 

I managed to find a lovely summer dress, and my niece a lovely polka dot one. We both just need somewhere to wear them bow🙂

Whwn we got back the house looked like the toy cabinet had exploded as my little guy was playing with his other cousins having a whale of a time! And when his grandparents turned up it was even better!

This was the sky as everyone went home and we could chill after having a great time with the whole extended family!


Shopping for new clothes this morning gave me the option of practicing taking shots in a little crowded and public place.

Not my best shot, but one that I’m proud of taking! Right, time to crash after a busy week!

World photography day

And yet… Such a busy day that I didn’t gey a chance to take look for a shot with which to celebrate…

So,this busy construction site will have to do!

Maybe, they’ll be more of a chance this weekend!

(And… WordPress has just told me that this is my 200th post! Toevallig!)

A view from the bridge

I’ve just started to re-read the play, and caught this between office buildings🙂

An interesting thing with the company being spread across two buildings is having to go between them for meetings etc. At the moment, in glorius sun, it’s fine. Fresh air and a few minutes exercise. I wonder what it is going to be like in winter though?