What a neighbourhood!

If there is something that I love about where I live, it’s the open green spaces.

I’ve mentioned before about some of the spots where you could be in the middle of the countryside looking around you. This is another.

Crossing a bridge on an inner city cycle path and this is the view you get. It seems that the Dutch city planners learnt from the mistakes of the closed, concrete jungles of the 60s and 70s and when building in the 80s and 90s ensured that there was open space and greenery all around!

It makes for a very pleasant life!


Long, long day… 

Most of it spent on the other side of the country getting the car serviced (I have a good relationship with the garage going back years, so I don’t mind putting the milage to get there). Whilst there we took the little guy to the model train museum. Fun little place with lots of displays, lots working, some just display. And a wonderful lunch!

Then after we got back it all went wrong! Took the bike to have the brakes checked (though I think they are fine, it stops wonderfully!) And it ended up not going again. Waiting at the side of the road in hot sun, in full leathers is less than fun. No knowing what it’s going to cost is even worse ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Looking through the pictures of the trains I thought this one was apt…

Missing you

No composed picture today, just the oil draining from my engine during the bike’s spring maintenance.
After nearly a year of not riding due to pain in my hand, losing the keys for months and the operation it was time to get it back on the road.

A new clutch cable makes it much nicer to ride, I should have done it years ago! I’m actually annoyed at the shop that sold me the bike. I picked up on it during the test run, but they assured me it was heavy because it’s a sports bike. No, it isn’t. It’s light and full of feel. grrrrr.

New brakes on the front as the old ones were worn and new oil and filter.

And i can do all of this because my late father made me do my own maintenance on my car as a teenager.

Thanks dad, you taught me well (when doing the brakes i had your voice in my ear ensuring that I copperslipped everything that needed it whilst not contaminating the pads!) and still I can’t believe you are not around to share today’s highs and lows… 


Puff! What a day!

After dropping off the little man I came back to work from home only to find my work computer unresponsive. Great… After 30 minutes I could connect, but the display wasn’t great – a known issue. To solve the problem you have to restart your machines (local and remote…). Only… When I restarted I couldn’t access my work information at all… 

All other websites are fine so it wasn’t a problem my end. 40 minutes later and I could connect again! Yay. Display wasn’t great again! Reboot both machines again.

Eventually I got it working and actually managed to do something.

This afternoon I had physiotherapy again. Turned up on time only to find out that I had the time wrong. Damn. 30 minutes early. Thankfully they have a good internet connection there, and so I spent the time learning Angular and Typescript on my tablet. Which was very hard work – the website is designed for computers and typing computer language with auto correct trying to ‘help’ is a nightmare ๐Ÿ™‚

Pick up bits for the motorbike on the way home, and then finish some last minute things for the office…

Making a late finush, late dinner and only stopping now…

Tomorrow I’m in the office for a rest ;p