Night School

Not my school, but definitely night!
This is the school yard where we did our last exercise of the day. Actually long sitting squats against a walk, during which I took this picture🙂

The lights that are in the distance, making the trees a silhouette, are from the local youth football team (Though their facilities are way beyond what I saw in the UK for a youth team). One day I need to get closer and capture the trees on there own!

Old building

This morning I went for the view of the old building. It’s a former school, and you can just picture the children coming in winter to the pinpoints of light.

This morning the hearing worked well too🙂 So I came out of the cold and into a cosy office. Much better than when the heating was being serviced, we froze then!

Launch bay doors

The walkway from the departures lounge at Birmingham Airport to the gates.

Not exactly as I had planned the picture, but it puts me in mind of the landing bays on the original Battlestar Galactica or on the Death Star. And so I was bent at stupid angles, in full swing, carrying an over stuffed, over sized handbag, laptop bag and HUGE coat trying not to drop anything, and get the shot I was mapping out in my head. And trying to make sure there was no one walking through!

I wonder what people thought…


The leaves are turning and the weather has chilled. I’ve been struck by a cold, powerful but hopefully short. Yesterday I could barely think, today I just feel like I ran a marathon!

The streets in my neighbourhood are wide and lined with trees, and make this time of year beautiful!

Sometimes the leaves fall in a could of days and the grass is covered by a carpet of yellow, red and brown leaves. Other years, like this year, it’s more of a gentle trickle of leaves over a week or two.

And something’s are just better in colour:


Today was a busy trying to solve some difficult bugs. So back to the flying pictures🙂

This was my flying dress for coming home. As I don’t fly well I overdress in total 50s swing style to conpensate, to try to feel good about something. It half works :s

Whilst taking the aerial shots I saw the reflection of the skirt in the windows and had to get a shot🙂