A very full day today… 

This morning I went for my weekly run and managed 18km for the first time! It was 7 hours ago and I still hurt 🙂

But I’m very happy with the distance, and managing it in just a couple of minutes under 2 hours was better than I thought was possible!

Just 3km to my goal for this year: a half marathon!

This afternoon was IKEA time. A nightmare on a Sunday afternoon! Took an age and, of course, we spent way more than we were intending to!

Time for food and a (hopefully) telaxing, doing nothing evening!


And after the great weather that we have been having I thought it was time for another BBQ! Always fun to get a shot of the fire, if you can do it without burning your fingers!

And as always, great weather all week doesn’t mean great weather at the weekend! Whilst it’s very muggy outside that dark spot you can see in the side of the BBQ is where a massive raindrop just hit…

Thankfully the BBQ is a Weber grill, so when the meat is on the lid is closed and it stays dry 😀


Lunch in the sun, with planes flying overhead and with dealing with the humidity!

Of course, I’m a north European so humidity to me is kind of any moisture in the air, and heat is anything over 21C!

Getting washed

After a very tough day fighting code, SQL statements and weird data issues (that turns out not to be linked to my code! As I found out after spending 30 minutes trying to debug them!) I managed to get back home in reasonable time, thanks mainly to the Dutch holidays meaning the 50km of motorway I take was quite doable 🙂

So after getting back in time to use the car wash during their happy hour for once, I took a detour to get the car cleaned!

For once I’ve used a filter to make the colours pop a little and to raise the contrast between the colours. I’m quite happy with the result 🙂