My diet is on hold today! Nearly 4 months after a surgeon put there rather deep cuts in my hand, and removed chunks of bones, I’ve been discharged by the physiotherapist!

Still need to do my exercises, 5 times a day stretching, 3 times a day kneeding and pulling silly putty, but I can now do them without going back every other week!

So, champagne(ish) and cheesecake to celebrate!


Sometimes when hunting for your picture of the day you get lucky. Sometimes you get very lucky.

No filter, no tricks, just right place right time. 

I think I owe a big shout out to my little man, who whilst playing in one playground insisted that we go to a different one. As he was a little scared at the size of the slide at the first I capitulated and took him to the other one.

He had a great time at the one he wanted to go to, much better than the one we were at, and I was rewarded with these clouds!

A wonderful day playing with him and finding these shots when he’s in bed (it was too bright to really see the screen when I took the pictures) is just the icing on the cake.


For the first time since before my operation in March I managed 13.5km today!

Within that I had 10km in 1:04 – just 7 minutes off of my personal best! Hopefully, if I keep up the effort I can manage that in the coming weeks. Especially as it involved stopping for this shot of the thistle that was growing in an embankment along the way.

At the end of the run I even put in a 6 minute fast interval and managed 5:30 for 1km.

My next major distance goal is 21 km, a half marathon. Not sure yet if I’m going to actually enter one, but I want to be able to run the distance! I don’t care about the time, I just want to complete it 🙂 With any luck before the end of September… Fingers crossed!


With a family all exhausted with the bad colds, and with F1 and the AssenTT this weekend I’ve not really been out or had inspiration for pictures.

So back in time to the model railway museum. With a bit of trimming this could almost be an arial shot put through a miniature filter 🙂

I have no idea how to say this

But in my humble opinion, it’s the best beer in the world!

I believe it’s one of the oldest 🙂

And, whilst this isn’t a ‘pure’ picture, it’s also not still not a filter 🙂 This is an option on the phone of using the colour, and monochrome sensors together to work out a stereoscopic image and use that data to allow the image to be refocused (and change the ‘aperture’ of the lens). The results, whilst not a patch on my DSLR, are still quite impressive 🙂

Golden hour

I was on and off for running the whole day today. The cold is sticking and my breathing hasn’t been totally trouble free, nothing serious, but a little laboured… 

The heat, humidity and cold are all egging each other on to make it as hard as possible.

But, I decided to do it, and am pleased I did. Due to extreme heat we had a changed routine today. Only 5km running and lots of strength training in between.

And finishing in the golden hour!