A day out with the family today to the Efteling theme park in Nord Brabant, in the south of the country. The first time that we have visited as a family, and were trying to go between the things for him, and still doing one or two of the real rollercoasters!

My mum watched him whilst we went to this coaster. The Python, which makes me feel a little old as I remember when the UK version of this ride was new in the UK at Alton Towers, called the Corkscrew. – unfortunately now closed…

This was taken on the way to the start, wandering between the track of the coaster 🙂

One great thing about a theme park in February is waiting times, no longer than 5 minutes! Woot! (And the weather even started good for us!)

Day out

Whenever my paremts visit we take a trip to IKEA, there they live you have to travel a long way (about 400km I think) to get to an IKEA and so they stock up when here (as much as luggage allows) and have Swedish meatballs for lunch 🙂

And for someone who has a picture blog their lighting department is wonderful! So after using by half my bridge pictures when I’ve been busy with my mum I now have more backups in case I need them in the coming days 🙂


So, today is a recovery day after the fun of the party yesterday. Thankfully we managed to stay on top of the cleaning, so that by the time we went to bed yesterday 90% of the cleaning was done!

But, a day of baking, cleaning, entertaining (three completely different groups who do not know each other very well!) when neither of us are really comfortable in groups and with really energetic children charging around the whole day, followed by getting everything clean has taken its toll.

Basically I wish I was still in bed and it’s 5:30pm 🙂

But, the weather is wonderfultoday, not to cold, lots of sun, and on the way back from the recycling the sun was shining through the trees beautifully.

So youare saved from another bridge shot for at least one day!


Snow tree

Family party for the little guy’s birthday today, so rushing from 9am to get the cake decorated and house cleaned (and as we have a few people with coeliac disease, also as gluten free as possible).

So here is a snow tree from last weeks snow fall!

(And here I’d the result of two people decorating a cake – I did the baking and large pieces of marzipan, my better half the artistic bits)


Today has been all about getting ready for guests tomorrow and not enough about pictures…

Any time I would have had for pictures was lost when an interior key feel into a crevice between a window and it’s frame. Cue nearly an hour trying to figure out how to dismantle the damn thing! And of course, lots of scraped knuckles and cuticles!

So, back to the bridge series! These are a set of stairs leading up to the pylon inside the roundabout. At some point I’ll climb them and get some shots there as well.

Stacy Clouds is back!

Today we’ve been busy decorating the kitchen. The off white walls have had another coat of off white so they look fresh and the feature wall, which only has about 1m2 of painted surface, has had a new punchy mint green coat given to it! A nice ultraodern kitchen, all tight straight lines, white cabinets, glass and stainless steel equipment with a retro touch to match my dress sense. Tonight we are ordering a retro toaster, and if I get my way, a retro kettle to go with it to match 🙂

And seeing as the kitchen was out of use after the painting, and the dining table was full of everything that we took out of the kitchen we went out for lunch. A restaurant close to where we live, on the edge of the lake I’ve used before on this blog.

We got a table next to the window and I got this shot of the amazing clouds today. Which is about the only thing that we did get. The coffee was served cold, and after waiting for about 45 minutes to order, we left. We knew it wasn’t great, but we weren’t expecting it to be this bad! Oh well, the Chinese takeaway we had this evening more than made up for it!


An evening listening to first aid information from an ambulance nurse, so no long story this evening.

Except to say that my son is being wrapped in cotton wool, that doesn’t overheat him, and not doing anything dangerous again! Scary doesn’t cover it!

But as I’ve not had time for a picture here is a view of the bridge from one side of the roundabout that makes up the bridge.